Keynote ‘The End of Online Shopping’

What is the future of shopping in a world that is connected, always and everywhere? It is a fact: new generations of shoppers require new ways of shopping. They are at the foundation of a huge retail transformation, which is only just getting started. In this highly praised and inspiring keynote, Wijnand uses over 50 videos to demonstrate how online and offline retail are becoming one.

New technology is what enables our new shopping behaviour. Many stores – both high street and web-based – are struggling to keep up with the whirlwind of changes to the see-choose-buy behaviour of consumers! Shopping is becoming a deeply personal experience (N=1), through all the aspects of the customer journey. Using dozens of international cases, Wijnand takes us through the changes in the customer journey. Experience how we browse (‘orientation’) and how we select our buys. What does this mean for home deliveries or instore pick-ups? Bottom line: the customer journey is not about technology, it is about people.

Wijnand’s keynote will answer two of the most frequently asked questions: what does the future of shopping look like, on the high street, online and on market places and platforms? And how can high street stores and web-based stores both continue to carve out their unique identity in the years ahead?

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