Keynote ‘Reinventing Retail’

The future of retail in the post-corona era

The COVID-19 virus is having a groundbreaking impact on the retail industry on a global scale. Never before have retailers and brand faced similar challenges and strategical decisions. The unprecedented impact of the influenza pandemic can be felt within the whole retail value chain. From production to consumption. From retailer to customer. From the shopping street to the webshop. From platform to seller.   

We are on the brink of the biggest transformation in retail ever seen. In this keynote Wijnand will share and show through “before corona (BC)” and “after corona (AC)” cases how retail will make its transition in the coming years. How the customer journey of people will change. And which new customer experiences are going to make a difference.

It is all about reinventing retail. What will the future bring en how do we get there? What can we learn from best retail practices in this corona-time and what lessons can we learn looking at the future?


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