What is the future of shopping in a world that is always connected? Look, listen and learn how a new generation of shoppers are looking for new ways to shop. Find out how businesses all over the world are dealing with digital transformation. Let Wijnand surprise you with his inspiring and highly praised keynote including his unique self-recorded audio and visuals, not to mention scores of practical real-life examples, which illustrate how online and offline retail are becoming one.

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The End of Online Shopping

What is the future of shopping in a world that is connected, always and everywhere? It is a fact: new generations of shoppers require new ways of shopping. They are at the foundation of a huge retail transformation, which is only just getting started. In this highly praised and inspiring keynote, Wijnand uses over 50 videos to demonstrate how online and offline retail are becoming one.

25 Years of Online Shopping

Whether we are buying the latest smartphone, booking a trip or thinking about what to eat for dinner, it has become a habit to do this all through the use of internet. The introduction and acceptance of online shopping has skyrocketed. What people experienced as new and strange a quarter of a century ago, has now become a part of our daily lives. The expectations and requests of the consumer have completely changed the world of (online) shopping.

Platforms: East vs West in Retail

Wijnand has been writing about his retail trips to South-East Asia and China, for years, in blogs and books. Now he has set down his experiences of China’s retail transformation in a unique keynote: East vs. West – what retailers in the west can learn from those in the east. South-East Asia and China are clearly appreciative of Wijnand’s expertise: his book The End of Online Shopping has been translated into Chinese and Korean, and a special English edition geared at South-East Asia was released in 2018.

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