The End of Online Shopping

Publisher: Hoepli

ISBN: 9788820385316

Country: Italy


  • 1st edition – May 2018

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At last! ‘One voice’ for ecommerce in Brussels!

At last! ‘One voice’ for ecommerce in Brussels!

This week Ecommerce Europe and EMOTA have announced their merger. For a long time, these two European webstore interest groups coexisted. Now it is time to come together as one – as the online market becomes more mature and digital Europe is desperate for a level...

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Where does the consumer start shopping?

Where does the consumer start shopping?

The onlife consumer has high hopes for the retailers they purchase from. Retailers need to step up their game, if they are to meet the expectations of their customers. They can no longer get away with the website being a digital store window, they need to tap into all...

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A huge village, a small world

A huge village, a small world

There are four new economic paradigms: the smart economy, the sharing economy, the circular economy and the platform economy. I want to focus on the “glocal” platform economy, where the pendulum swings back and forth between global – the world at large – and local –...

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What others are saying about the book

“A great book for those who want an insight into the change that is happening in the e-commerce industry and the future ahead.”

Yasui Yoshiki

Founder & CEO, (JP)

“Wijnand Jongen is one of the most authoritative leaders in e-commerce today. A must read!”

Brian McBride


“Wijnand Jongen has distilled all the core topics of retail into one readable and engaging book that is a must-read for anyone in the world.”

Sucharita Mulpuru

Retail analyst, Forrester Research (US)

“Wijnand’s book is an important read for all who play in the influential and ever-evolving global retail industry.”

Matthew Shay

President & CEO, National Retail Federation (US)

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