The End of Online Shopping

Publisher: Hoepli

ISBN: 9788820385316

Country: Italy


  • 1st edition – May 2018

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Portugese Booklaunch – The End of Online Shopping

Portugese Booklaunch – The End of Online Shopping

With lots of excitement and joy, I can share that the Portugese edition of my book 'The End of Online Shopping' has officially been released during the Portugese Digital Week! I would like to give a huge thanks to Alexandre Nilo Fonseca of ACEPI and Ecommerce Europe....

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What others are saying about the book

“A great book for those who want an insight into the change that is happening in the e-commerce industry and the future ahead.”

Yasui Yoshiki

Founder & CEO, (JP)

“Wijnand Jongen is one of the most authoritative leaders in e-commerce today. A must read!”

Brian McBride


“Wijnand Jongen has distilled all the core topics of retail into one readable and engaging book that is a must-read for anyone in the world.”

Sucharita Mulpuru

Retail analyst, Forrester Research (US)

“Wijnand’s book is an important read for all who play in the influential and ever-evolving global retail industry.”

Matthew Shay

President & CEO, National Retail Federation (US)

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