The Coming of an Onlife Society


Wijnand is going to share with you his insights and ideas about the up and coming onlife society. What are the main drivers behind this new society and what should retailers expect? Also what are some main aspects for the onlife consumer? 

Lecture 1

A new phenomenon called onlification is completely going to change our lives. For retailers this can offer great opportunities. But how exactly does onlification occur and what are the main drives behind it? What should retailers address? 

Lecture 2

The sharing economy has been getting more and more attention in the last couple of years. Companies like AirBnB and Uber dominate this new industry. But is this business model sustainable and what role does it play in the Onlife society?

Lecture 3

Platforms are popping up everywhere. Some of the biggest and most influential players in the world are platforms. Google, WeChat, Facebook and Amazon have a huge impact on the Onlife society. Will eventually only one of these players dominate all others?

Lecture 4

Customers living in an onlife society have different needs and are influenced differently. Retailers need to identify this new reality. What is the best way for retailers to create valuable relationships with onlife consumers?

Lecture 5

Onlife consumers want a seamless payment experience. New technologies like blockchain and cashless payments can support this. But how should onlife societies and retailers embrace these new disrupting technologies?

Lecture 6

Online retail is growing at a rapid pace and physical retailers need to respond in one way or another. What should the current retailer do? How will shopping malls and shopping streets look like in the coming decade?

Lecture 7

In the end retail is all about customer service. It is all about putting smiles on the faces of your unique customer. How can new technologies like bots and AI deliver this? How to truly deliver excellent customer service?


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