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The Coming of an Onlife Society

In this e-Learning Wijnand covers all the different aspects that are present in the upcoming Onlife Society. What are the things that consumers value the most? What role does the sharing Economy play? And how should retailers position themselves with regards to the big platforms?

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- October 25, 2019

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- October 23, 2019

With my good friend Alexandre Nilo Fonseca of #ACEPI and ⁦@Ecommerce_EU⁩. He made it possible that my book is now…
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- October 22, 2019

I visited the 5th ecommerce country in the world: South Korea. South Korea will be the third largest ecommerce coun…
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- October 21, 2019

Incredibly proud with the release of the new edition of my book ‘The End of Online Shopping’ in Portugal. The Portu…
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