Ecommerce Europe Appoints Luca Cassetti as Secretary General

Jul 1, 2020Int. Appearances

The Board of Directors of Ecommerce Europe is pleased to announce Mr. Luca Cassetti as the new Secretary General of the European digital commerce association. Mr. Cassetti has been Director of EU Public Affairs for Ecommerce Europe and has successfully strengthened the position and representation of the association over the past years.


Luca Cassetti is succeeding Mrs. Marlene ten Ham, who will return with her family to the Netherlands. Mrs. Ten Ham, who took up the role of Secretary General of Ecommerce Europe over the previous six years, successfully contributed to the growth of the association. Under her leadership, Ecommerce Europe and EMOTA joined forces and now speak with one voice for the sector. This allows the association to build further on the success of the European digital commerce industry and pursue the mission of helping EU legislators create the best environment possible for digital commerce to grow in Europe and beyond. Mrs. ten Ham will continue to work as an advisor to the Board of Directors.

Mr. Wijnand Jongen, President of Ecommerce Europe, declared: “On behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to congratulate Luca Cassetti with his new role. Over the last years, he has already proven to be very successful in leading the association’s public affairs activities. Building on the achievements of his predecessor, Marlene Ten Ham, I am confident that Luca will be instrumental for leading the association and the team in these important times of transition towards a more digital and green economy, and the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Board of Directors takes the opportunity to thank Marlene for her great leadership and outstanding work on Ecommerce Europe’s impressive rise as the sole voice of the European digital commerce sector”.

Luca Cassetti commented on his appointment: “I am grateful for the trust that the Board of Directors has placed in me and for the fruitful cooperation with Marlene in the past years. I look forward to continuing our proactive advocacy efforts. Now more than ever, there is a need for Ecommerce Europe to speak for its members with one voice on issues such as sustainability, the platform economy, the EU Data Strategy, and many more files on which we are working”. Mrs. ten Ham declared: “It has been a great honor to work with such a talented team, members and partners towards a strong representation of the digital commerce industry. I have full confidence that Luca, together with the team, will continue to successfully represent the interests of the industry in Europe”.

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