E-commerce plays crucial role in European society

Mar 27, 2020Int. Appearances

The Coronavirus outbreak currently holds the whole world in its grip and raises many questions among European (online) retailers. For this reason, Ecommerce Europe, the voice of the European Digital commerce industry, is conducting several surveys among national associations and online retailers in Europe in the coming period. Last week’s first survey showed that the e-commerce sector plays a vital role across the continent.

The importance of e-commerce as a sector to survive and work from home is absolutely crucial. In many countries in Europe, such as Belgium, France, Italy and Spain, strict measures have been put in place. Here, consumers are only allowed to take to the streets as a great exception, for example to do necessary shopping or to take care of someone. In these countries, the role of online retail is crucial. Fortunately, all over Europe we see that national governments enable online shops to take on this vital role, making it possible for consumers everywhere to buy products and services online and have them delivered.

This news article was published on E-commerce Europe on March 26th 2020:


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