BNEW Barcelona 2021 – BCROSSBORDER “From America to Europe.”

Nov 4, 2021Int. Appearances

Highlights of the BCROSSBORDER “From America to Europe. Crossborder Opportunities and Related Public Policies” Session at BNEW Barcelona 2021.

BNEW is a physical and digital B2B event that gathers unique events of the sectors of Logistics, Real Estate, Digital Industry, Ecommerce, Economic Zones, Mobility, Sustainability, Talent, Science and City. They all share a common denominator: New Economy.


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- May 4, 2023

Ecommerce Europe is hiring! πŸ‘‡
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- May 3, 2023

@Ecommerce_EU: Our position paper on the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation is out! πŸƒ Improving the sustainability of packaging is the responsibility of the whole supply chain, and packaging should be assessed through the net environmental impact over the whole life cycle of a product.
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- April 4, 2023

Join Ecommerce Europe's team in Brussels!
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- April 3, 2023

@Ecommerce_EU: We are happy to welcome HelloFreshΒ as our new Company Member PLUS! HelloFresh SE is a global food solutions group and the world’s leading meal kit company. Visit HelloFresh's website to learn more πŸ‘‰ #ecommerce #HelloFresh
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- March 29, 2023

@Ecommerce_EU: The latest edition of the Cross-Border Magazine is here! Ecommerce Europe's President, Mr. @wijnandjongen contributed with a column on international #data flows and its potential for the EU's data economy. Download the full magazine here πŸ‘‰ #ecommerce
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