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Wijnand Jongen has been the voice of digital commerce for over 20 years, in the Netherlands (Thuiswinkel.org) and Europe (Ecommerce Europe). He is the bestelling author of the book ‘The End of Online Shopping: the future of retail in an always connected world’, currently translated in 10 languages and released in some 20+ countries. Wijnand is a highly sought-after keynote speaker at (international) conferences the world over.

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Bestselling Author of
The End of Online Shopping

A crisis is at hand: neither brick-and-mortar shops nor webshops can keep up with the rapid changes in consumer behavior. In the coming years, the societal impact of digitalization will lead to the end of online shopping [as we know it]. The world of shopping as a social sector is making a 180-degree turn.

Inspiring keynote speaker with an expert vision
about the future of retail & e-commerce


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Russian Edition of “The End of Online Shopping” released

Russian Edition of “The End of Online Shopping” released

Extremely proud to announce the Russian edition of “The End of Online Shopping” which is the 12th edition of my book! I want to thank everyone who helped make the book become a reality. Большое спасибо (A big thank you) to John Numan and Igor Subow from the eCommerce...

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- November 8, 2021

@MarlenetenHam: The EU needs a unified VAT solution. A Single VAT ID in Europe would bring more simplification, more compliance, more revenues, and less bureaucracy. To learn more, visit the new website powered by @Ecommerce_EU and @EuroCommerce: https://t.co/8z4NxcJXm9 #SimplifyVAT #UnifiedVAT
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- November 5, 2021

Honored to be one of the hosts at Nora's Global Vision 2021 on behalf of @Ecommerce_EU! Book your free spot here: https://t.co/DOMwYFxUjp #ecommerce #globalvision2021 #onliferetail https://t.co/6aszUnx7r5
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- November 4, 2021

Highlights of me during the @BnewWeek in Barcelona! Watch them here: https://t.co/mody4eZlAk #ecommerce #crossborderecommerce #onliferetail
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- November 2, 2021

Sinds de lockdown bestellen we structureel meer online (+19%) en de feestdagenpiek komt hier nog eens bovenop. Daarom roepen we met de campagne, ‘Wees voorbereid – Bestel op tijd’, iedereen op tijdig de cadeautjes voor de feestdagen te bestellen! Bestellen jullie ook op tijd? https://t.co/UGQpKX21hg
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- October 14, 2021

Mooi om weer fysiek @ShoppingToday21 te mogen aftrappen samen met mijn opvolger @MarlenetenHam. Voelt weer als vanouds! Ik kijk uit naar alle sprekers, presentaties en natuurlijk naar de nieuwe bluepapers van @ShopTomorrow: https://t.co/tfnOTm5sjR #event #shoppingtoday21 #sht21 https://t.co/LkarF5Hdck
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