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Wijnand Jongen is a globally recognised author, speaker and columnist on topics in retail and e-commerce. He is co-founder and Chairman of the Executive Committee of Ecommerce Europe and founder and CEO of the Dutch e-commerce association He is a keynote speaker at (inter)national retail conferences and company events. His keynote presentations have led him in the past years to cities like Athens, Atlanta, Beijing, Budapest, Copenhagen, Lisboa, Munich, Shanghai, and others.

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New book coming soon: ‘The End of Online Shopping’

Wijnand’s new book ‘The end of online shopping’ is currently being translated into English. The book was nominated management book of the year. It was published in the Netherlands (First print November 2016, second print February 2017 and third print March 2017). A new Belgium edition of the book was published in April 2017. The global English edition of the book is scheduled for September 2017.

You can now pre-order the book at the lowest price available. You can also download a free chapter of the book.

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