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Wijnand Jongen has been the voice of digital commerce for over 20 years, in the Netherlands (Thuiswinkel.org) and Europe (Ecommerce Europe). He is the bestelling author of the book ‘The End of Online Shopping: the future of retail in an always connected world’, currently translated in 10 languages and released in some 20+ countries. Wijnand is a highly sought-after keynote speaker at (international) conferences the world over.

Bestselling Author of
The End of Online Shopping

A crisis is at hand: neither brick-and-mortar shops nor webshops can keep up with the rapid changes in consumer behavior. In the coming years, the societal impact of digitalization will lead to the end of online shopping [as we know it]. The world of shopping as a social sector is making a 180-degree turn.

Inspiring keynote speaker with an expert vision
about the future of retail & e-commerce


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Portugese Booklaunch – The End of Online Shopping

Portugese Booklaunch – The End of Online Shopping

With lots of excitement and joy, I can share that the Portugese edition of my book 'The End of Online Shopping' has officially been released during the Portugese Digital Week! I would like to give a huge thanks to Alexandre Nilo Fonseca of ACEPI and Ecommerce Europe....

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Korea: e-commerce trailblazer

Korea: e-commerce trailblazer

Last week I visited the 5th ecommerce country in the world: South Korea. After China ($ 1,526 billion), the United States ($ 535), United Kingdom ($ 123) and Japan ($ 109), according to eMarketeer (December 2018), Korea is the fifth-largest e-commerce country in the...

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Artikel in @parool van zaterdag 11 januari, waar ik nogmaals benadruk hoe belangrijk het is om te luisteren naar de… https://t.co/ZT0NCXdmeV
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