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Wat is de toekomst van winkelen in een wereld die altijd en overal met elkaar verbonden is. Nieuwe generaties onlife consumenten vragen om nieuwe vormen van interactie en nieuwe manieren van winkelen. Hoe ziet winkelen in de winkelstraat, op marktplaatsen en platformen en op het web er in de nabije toekomst uit? Wat betekent dit voor onze steden en dorpen? En wat is de impact van onlife retail, waar online en offline met elkaar versmolten zijn, voor onze samenleving?


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- March 9, 2023

@Ecommerce_EU: The Swedish Council Presidency circulated its 6th, and supposedly last, draft version of the #DataAct. Its ambition is to unlock the potential of the data economy by removing barriers to access data and encourage data sharing across Europe. Read more 👉
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- March 2, 2023

@Ecommerce_EU: The text goes well beyond the boundaries of the financial services contracts by introducing an extension of the obligation to display a “withdrawal button” for all transactions concluded at a distance by means of an online interface. Read more here 👉
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- February 21, 2023

@Ecommerce_EU: 📣 Read our new position paper on the fitness check of EU consumer law where we outline our views on the issues that are central to the current evaluation on digital fairness 👉 #ecommerce #ConsumerLaw #EU / @Gnppn @SophiePTJ
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- February 21, 2023

@Ecommerce_EU: Together with 16 other associations, we raise concerns on a withdrawal button for all distance contracts. The text should: ✔️ Follow a principle-based approach ✔️ Avoid one-size-fits-all, prescriptive rules ✔️ Leave leeway for withdrawals fitting to different business models
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- February 20, 2023

@Ecommerce_EU: We are thrilled to be nominated to contribute to the newly set-up digital euro scheme Rulebook Development Group. We will be represented by @Robliscia, President of @ConsNetcomm, and Member of the Board and Executive Committee of Ecommerce Europe 👉
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