Aan het einde van de eerste dag van Global E-commerce Summit was het feest: bol.com, Tesco en Asos wonnen de ‘gold’ prijzen in de ‘Entrepreneurial’, ‘Cross-Border’ en ‘Pure Player’ categorieën. Het is de eerste keer dat een Nederlands bedrijf de ‘Entrepreneurial Award’ wint. In deze award strijden de winnaars van alle ‘beste webwinkels’ van Europa met elkaar om de Europese hoofdprijs.

bol.com was door Thuiswinkel.org afgevaardigd naar de Global E-commerce Summit als winnaar van de vakprijs ‘Beste Webwinkel van Nederland’ die eerder dit jaar werd uitgereikt bij de Nationale Thuiswinkel Awards in Noordwijk aan Zee. Op de foto een oprecht verraste Daniël Ropers en Michel Schaeffer, die de prijs in ontvangst namen. Leuk te zien dat een Nederlandse webwinkel tussen de grote giganten Tesco en Asos een plek in mag nemen. Mogen we best een beetje trots op zijn.Vandaag de tweede dag van de GES, waar we met meer dan 700 mensen uit 40+ landen bij elkaar zijn. Het thema ‘no borders, no limits’ wordt daarmee waargemaakt.

Lees hier meer over de Europese E-commerce Awards 2014!

Winners of the Omnichannel and Pure Player Award
The Top 5 of both the Cross-Border and Pure Player Awards were nominated by our professional jury and ‘quick scanned’ by the ShopExperience Audit executed by GfK.

The Omnichannel Award was awarded to Tesco, with M&S ranking second and Bolia.com ranking third. According to the jury Tesco is winning the Golden Multichannel Award because they are a truely outstanding multichannel player across at least three international markets and they have achieved to deliver across all active markets. Tesco pioneered online groceries and this is still reflected in their large and leading market share. They were amongst the first grocery player to offer non-food online. Also, in terms of omnichannel, they played a pioneering role by introducing pick-from-store. Logistics and fulfilment are very well organized. Tesco innovated in plenty of areas, including launching virtual grocery stores at tube stations and interactive loyalty cards. Tesco is very strong in innovations both on the front- and the backend, the Tesco App for instance very much stands out. Tesco has become a true omnichannel business. Employees are connected, channels are very well integrated and knitted together. Also the internationalization of Tesco is very powerful. However, the integration of food and non-food e-commerce could, according to the jury, be further improved. Brand building and digital design are not ideal.

Asos was awarded with the golden Pure Player Award, followed by Amazon.com winning silver, and Net – a – Porter who won bronze. According to the jury ASOS goes beyond purely generating transactions: They engage beyond the customer life cycle and become part of the whole life style of the shopper, engaging them to come back. They have a strong and sound international strategy that pays off in solid growth. They are strong in innovating features that make differences, such as the fashion finder and the pilot of changing rooms at pick- up points. ASOS’ efforts translate into loyal customers. Their content and communication is consistent, as is their presence across devices. They could improve on offering reviews and ratings and on customer service.

Global E-commerce Summit
The award ceremony of the European E-commerce Awards took place during The Global E-commerce Summit in Hotel Arts, Barcelona, Spain on June 16-18. The Global E-commerce Summit is the annual global event where established (online) retailers, entrepreneurs, e-commerce experts from emerging markets and award-winning e-commerce players of the world gather! The summit in 2014 was the 6th edition.